Atom LinkedIn for Wordpress

Atom LinkedIn - Can show many LinkedIn widgets using One Module.


All Possible Just using One Linkedin Plugin for Wordpress.

1) LinkedIn Member Profile

2) LinkedIn Company Profile

3) LinkedIn - Company Inside

4) LinkedIn - Company (Jobs you may interested in)

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After installing the plugin you can went to widget area or put the shortcode in page or post. This plugin require selecting Linkedin Option You like to show and linkedin ID or URL of Linkedin Profile. Remember Both you have to change to make sure the Linkedin plugin displays on your wordpress website.

1. Choose the One you like to Show: Choose One among four. Atom LinkedIn is all in one Plugin for Wordpress. You can show LinkedIn Member Profile, Company Profile, Company Inside, Company Jobs you may interested in - widget on your wordpress site. So that option mean you to choose the one radio field you like the plugin (widget or shortcode) to use. If like to show Company Profile than select "Company Profile" radio field. If like to show Member Profile than select "Member Profile"

2. LinkedIn Profile URL or Company ID: If choose Member Profile - Than you have to put LinkedIn Profile URL on this field.


If choose Company Profile, Company Insider or Company Jobs you may Interested in than you have to put Company Profile ID. Wondering how can you grab the ID?

It's very easy.

go here ->

And put your company name - it will result the id.
3. Connections: You can set it true or false. True will show Linkedin Connections connected with your LinkedIn World.

Shortcode ->
To Show Company Profile:
[atom_linkedin linkedin_option="CompanyProfile" linkedin_id="1337" connections="true" suffix=""]

To Show Company Insider
[atom_linkedin linkedin_option="CompanyInsider" linkedin_id="1337" connections="true" suffix=""]

To Show Jobs You May Be Interested In
[atom_linkedin linkedin_option="JYMBII" linkedin_id="1337" connections="true" suffix=""]

To Show Member Profile
[atom_linkedin linkedin_option="MemberProfile" linkedin_id="" connections="true" suffix=""]

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